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January 02, 2019

In the era of mobile phones, pocket laptops, mini lenses and more such smaller, creative and instantaneous gadgets, it is very obvious for our mind to get inclined towards mini electrical and electronics. One among these is the HD pocket projector. It is a mini projector for android, iOS, laptops, desktops or any device. Though it is small in size, it does all the magic of producing magnified image, video, presentation and more in the form of a high definition projection. Pocket Projectors work on the latest technology which deals with ultra-portable factors. A few also have multiple device integration to serve various purposes and compatibility issues.





You don’t need to strain yourself to carry the projector around or spend huge sum of cash for transportation. This is one such very easy to go with projector which fits very easily in your pocket as the name itself suggests. If you have a hand bag, then it is more than enough for you to enjoy magnificence in the content which you want to deal with.


The quality of the projected output is as high as it can be compared to that of the conventional projectors. As these projectors consume very less space and power, they are best suited for long professional seminars and other such events. The use of LEDs make them efficient and cost effective. To add upon, this device causes no video jitters.

Competence and Compatibility

The size may be small but they comprise of the same components and work similar principle, which make them competent with the traditional ones. One of the best part ofmini projector for android is that it can be connected to any device thoroughly. Thus, forming the best companion for all the electronics like phones, laptops, desktops, touch pads, tablets and more, the compact product is designed to operate in a simple way.




With this one, you can transform the place around you into an open amphitheater and enjoy movies with your friends and family. It could be your living room, balcony, corridor with a nice wall or a screen, office or a classroom, this pocket projector is ideal for gaming, presentations and the list continues. Nobody wants to have a boring journey in case you are traveling and say in a group. You can use this pocket device and make your travel a bit more colorful and nice. If you are in a joint family with limited access to TV, then worry not as now, you can cast a projection on the wall of your room and convert it into a cinema hall essentially.



Occupying 220 inches of the projector’s screen diagonally, the tiny little projector manages to amplify the input image, video or any piece of information.

The slim and cute make of the product can even be a surprise gift to your dear ones.

They use the emergence of mini-HDMI jacks which easily connect to all our laptops or desktops. Universal i/o, DC, micro USB, s-Video, input and output pins add to it.



Pocket projectors come with 100 to 300 lumens for brighter output.

High resolution is one of its added characteristics due to the feature of High Definition.

Magnificence in your pocket! Satisfying all your needs such as entertainment, convenience, creativity, education, official or business aspects, pocket projector becomes your perfect partner. It is amini projector for android, tablets, touch pads, mac book, laptops, desktops, DVD players, TV set-top box, digital cameras, U disk, hard disk, speakers, consoles and many more. Get yours today to enjoy all its privileges.